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in the news...


Pranking cops with 'reckless' noises

There is nothing illegal about the way prankster Roman Atwood is driving in this video, but there is something about reckless driving noises emanating from his speakers that suddenly gets the police on edge. Watch and laugh.

Public transport to her wedding?

Before bride-to-be Leanne Cole got to walk down the aisle, she first had to walk down the aisle of a Merseyrail train to get to her wedding.

The budget-conscious 34-year-old decided against the usual stretch limo or horse-drawn carriage, preferring instead the 10.50 train from Fazakerley.

Tieners se skole moet later begin?

Skole moet later soggens begin omdat kinders tussen tien en 18 jaar oud biologies geprogrammeer is om “naguile” te wees.

Hulle let baie moeiliker op as hulle nie laat kan slaap nie.

So is bevind in navorsing wat volgens New Scientist in die VSA en Brittanje gedoen is.


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