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Note that 0215593883 will be answered between 09h00 and 16h30 Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.


in the news...


Canal Walk gets metal detectors

Shoppers at Canal Walk can expect to be thoroughly searched and scanned by a metal detector as they enter the centre after a spate of mall heists around Cape Town, leaving both owners and customers on edge.

Proteas klop NS met 72 lopies

'n Wonderlike honderdtal deur Hashim Amla het Suid-Afrika gehelp om die tweede eendagwedstryd teen Nieu-Seeland in Mount Manganui te wen. Met diť oorwinning het die Proteas die reeks van drie wedstryde reeds met 2-0 beklink.

Love letter arrives 50 years late

IThe postal strike has caused the delay of many a package but the arrival of a love letter written in 1964 from a suitor in Orkney to his sweetheart in Cape Town takes the meaning of snail mail to another level.

The suitor, whose name is unclear, sent the note from Orkney in the then Transvaal and said he had asked for Val van Schoorís parentsí permission to marry her.


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