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Please take note that 0215593883 will be answered between 09h00 & 16h30 Monday to Friday excl. public holidays.


in the news...


Taken for a ride with Win10 upgrade?

Is Microsoft wrong in forcing the Windows 10 upgrade down on PC users? Maybe have been kicking the can down the street and putting the upgrade off? Exactly the reason why the software giant is taking steps to give some PC users a "push" into taking action. Now that it's happened, take a gentle stroll down Kalk Bay pavements and chill with a nice meal/breakfast at the Kalk Bay Expresso. Experience the old next to the new passing on the tracks close by and realize that things do change over time.

Need a break from touch screens?

Then you need to purchase this universal keyboard that will allow you to switch between 3 touch screen devices. This will give you back that old school hands on keyboard feel that's going extinct? More details can be found by clicking on the image or logo below.

Themed PC to make an impression?

A boat model? A piece of artwork? No, it's a yacht-themed aluminum case from Lian Li that will make a statement to impress everyone. The PC-Y6 yacht-shaped case, like the unique train-themed computer case which also comes out of the hand of Lian Li, delivers all the essentials you need to build a fully-fledged PC.


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