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Dear Lord: just want a one-armed manager so I never have to hear "On the other hand", again.

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Please take note that 0215593883 will be answered between 09h00 & 16h30 Monday to Friday excl. public holidays.


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McSleepers feeling McTired?

Late-night fast food outlets have long been a refuge for late night revelers. The recent death of a homeless woman in a 24-hour McDonald's in Hong Kong's Kowloon Bay in October 2015, however, brings to light the phenomena of the fast food restaurants as shelters for both the poor and the lonely, known as McSleepers or McRefugees.

Hackers declare war on ISlamic State

The Anonymous hackers collective is preparing to unleash waves of cyberattacks on Islamic State following the attacks in Paris last week that killed 129 people, it said in a video posted online.

Explosives used during Shell robbery

Armed men robbed the Shell Ultra City on the N2 near Macassar on Monday morning.

Explosives were used to gain access to the drop safe.


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