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Understanding your Email address


Easy Email with BRBSales


How it works


How to receive and send Email using Outlook Express


Webmail: Managing Email with your Web browser


Viruses: Practicing safe Email


As you might know, Email is short for "electronic mail" just like in the good old days when people still wrote each other courteous letters. Only Email is faster and cheaper by a very long shot. So it's the same - but different.

All it takes is for you to click your mouse button a few times, dash off your latest news to your friend in Australia and within minutes, you may have a reply back in your virtual postbox - your Inbox.

1. Understanding your Email address

As with snail mail, you need an address if your mail is ever going to reach you. In almost all cases the first part of your Email address is the same as your Screen Name. It's usually split into three sections:
bullet your username lets say "nickname"
bullet the @ sign
bullet the name of your Internet Service Provider namely "brbsales"
This is then followed by an extension such as ".co.za", ".com", or ".org", or ".net" - so Email addresses end up looking something like this: nickname@brbsales.com

2. Easy Email with BRBSales

If you have Windows XP installed on your computer, the Outlook Express Email package should be there too, and its icon should automatically appear on your desktop (screen). It looks like a plain old snail mail envelope, with two blue arrows around it.

But this is not the end of the story. You now have to tell your computer that, in future, you're going to be using Outlook Express to send and receive Email. To do this:


Open Outlook Express by double-clicking on the icon


Now click on Tools on the menu bar


In the dropdown menu, select Accounts


In the new window select the Mail tab


Click on the server you're using so that it is highlighted


Click on the Properties button


In the new window, select the Server tab and change your mail servers to:
Outgoing Mail (SMTP): smtp.brbsales.com
Incoming Mail (POP3): pop3.brbsales.com


Enter your username and password


Click on OK till you're back in your mail program.

But, if this is all getting too complicated for you, call the BRBSales Technical Support guys and let them talk you through the process. They're pretty used to people getting stuck when setting up their mailbox.


3. How it works

Most Email programmes make use of a folder system to file your Email messages - much like a filing cabinet with different drawers for different files.

In Outlook Express, the folders you'll use most often are:


The Inbox Folder, where all the messages you receive from other people are kept, and


The Outbox Folder, where all your outgoing messages lie waiting to be sent once you go online.

Other folders are:

The Contacts Folder, which is your address book and which stores all the Email addresses you want to keep.


The Sent Items Folder, which stores all the messages you've sent to other people.


The Deleted Items Folder, which stores all the messages you've deleted until you decide to delete them permanently. You can also set your computer to delete these items every time you exit the program.


The Drafts Folder, which stores the messages you're in the process of writing and haven't sent yet.


4. How to receive and send Email using Outlook Express

Checking for new Email
At the risk of stating the obvious, in order to check for new mail, you need to be online, so establish your internet connection and open Outlook Express by double-clicking on the icon.

Then click on the Send/Receive button on the menu bar at the top. And that's it. The program will now check for new mail and download it into your Inbox.

Mail-checking tips

If you don't want to read a message, simply erase it by pressing the "Delete" button on your keyboard. So, if you can see that you've been spammed (been sent junk mail), or if a message looks suspicious, just trash it.


You can set Outlook Express to show the size (in kilobytes) of each Email you receive. Click on View on the menu bar, then on Columns and click on the tick box next to Size.

Saving a received attachment
An attachment is a file that has been digitally "glued" to an Email message. It could be a picture (such as a funny cartoon) or a document containing text (often created in MS Word).

If one or more files have been attached to a message and you want to store these files on your computer, do the following:

Double-click on the message you've received. The message will now open.


Double-click on the attached file in the little window where it says "Attach".


Provided you have the program in which the attached file has been saved by the person who had sent it, it will now open and you can save it on your hard drive.

Writing a new message
Ready to send an Email message of your own? Here goes:

In Outlook Express, click on New Mail on the menu bar.


Type the Email address of the person you're writing to in the "To" box.


To insert Email addresses directly from your Address Book, click on Tools, then on Select Recipients. Your list of contacts will now open. Click on the address you want, then on "To" in the right-hand column and then on "OK".


Type the topic of your message in the "Subject" box.


Now type in your message.


If you want, you can pretty up your message using the formatting toolbar - like a word-processor, it lets you change colours, add pictures, change text alignment, and more.


When you're finished, click the Send button and off it will go.


If you want to make sure then you can click on the "Send/Recv" button.

Mail Writing Tips

You don't have to keep typing in the same Email address if you use it often - that's what your Address Book is for. Store the address in it and the next time you want to send a message to this person, simply insert it directly from your Address Book.


If you receive a message you want to send on to someone else, forward it - no retyping required.


You can also CC (carbon copy) your message to another person at the same time you send it to the main recipient. Just click in the CC space and insert an Email address.


If you want to get sneaky, you can BCC (blind carbon copy) it to another person if you don't want the main recipient to know who else you're sending it to. In Outlook Express, you'll need to do this from your address book. Click on Tools, then Select Recipients, and then click the BCC button to insert the Email address.


Remember - you don't need to be online to write a new Email but don't forget to go online if you want people to receive your Email i.e. send it first.

5. Webmail: Managing Email with your Web browser

Email programs such as Outlook Express is an efficient and easy way to manage your Email. But the day will come that you need to check your Email and you can't get to your computer.

BRBSales' Webmail is a web-based Email service that allows you to read your Email and send messages using a Web browser instead of a normal Email program.

How to do it

On the top left of the BRBSales homepage navigation bar you will find the  webmail access called "Email Login".


Complete the email address and password fields for example:
Email address: nickname@brbsales.com
Password: password


Click on the button labelled "Login". This will take you to your Inbox, where you can read, write, reply to and forward messages as you would with your Email program. You can also delete messages you don't need any longer especially if they're too large and causing download problems.


6. Viruses: Practicing safe Email

Be nervous . be very nervous. Think more than twice before opening an Email message from an unknown source. Email is how most viruses are spread. And once you've been unlucky enough to have a virus camping out on your computer, you'll understand exactly the horror of which I speak.

You're likely to hear many sad tales about how viruses have wiped out people's data. Usually just as they're about to finish a piece of work that took hours to do. So, be warned. Picking up a virus on your computer can cause a chain reaction that can go way beyond just losing a bit of information. These stories can fill volumes.

Here's the good news: BRBSales' virus-filtering system scans all incoming Email before you download it. See this as a safety net that can save you from disaster. But if you value your computer data, you'd be wise not to rely on that alone - installing a good virus scanner and keeping it up to date will give you extra protection and peace of mind. It will also prevent viruses on your own computer from being spread to others.

Bear in mind that you can also get a virus on your computer from infected Compact Discs, Camera/Cellular phone internal memory or flash memory disks. Once you've taken the wise precaution of installing a virus scanner on your computer, you should update it regularly - new viruses are developed almost daily, and the virus scanner needs to be updated in order to catch them.

Happy Emailing...

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