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Email Settings within various email clients and devices


The following easy to follow guides provide step-by-step instructions on how to setup and troubleshoot your email program with personalised screenshots providing visual examples.
If you however experience email problems after doing the suggested settings then keep in mind to double check your internet activity i.e. can you browse web sites etc. seeing that emails is a secondary function of the internet and by default requires a working and reliable internet connection.
If you only experience email send problems then you can change your outgoing server setting to be the same as your incoming server but turn authentication on. If this still doesn't solve the problem and you're accessing the internet via another ISP than Salestronics such as Vodacom 3G etc. then you might have to make use of their outgoing email server settings.
Below is a list of known alternative SMTP servers:
Telkom ADSL - smtp.dsl.telkomsa.net or mail.saix.net or smtp.saix.net
MWEB ADSL - smtp.mweb.co.za or smtp.mweb.net
Vodacom 3G- smtp.vodacom.co.za or smtp.vodamail.co.za
MTN 3G - mail.mtn.co.za or smtp.mtn.co.za
Cell C - mail.cmobile.co.za
iBurst - smtp.iburst.co.za
Internet Solutions (IS) - smtp.isdsl.net
Neotel - smtp.neomail.co.za or smtp.neotel.co.za
@lantic - smtp.lantic.net
Please note that the above servers usually operate without username and password authentication and are accessible on the default SMTP port (25).



Apple Mail
New setup  Troubleshoot

Apple Entourage
New setup  Troubleshoot

Apple Outlook 2011
New setup  Troubleshoot

Mozilla Thunderbird
New setup  Troubleshoot



 Live Mail 2011
New setup  Troubleshoot

Mozilla Thunderbird
 New setup  Troubleshoot

Mozilla Thunderbird 3
 New setup  Troubleshoot

Mozilla Thunderbird 7
 New setup  Troubleshoot

Outlook 2013
New setup  Troubleshoot

Outlook 2010
New setup  Troubleshoot

Outlook 2007
 New setup  Troubleshoot

Outlook 2002/2003
 New setup  Troubleshoot

Outlook 2000
New setup  Troubleshoot

Outlook Express
 New setup  Troubleshoot

Windows 8 Mail
 New setup  Troubleshoot



Android HTC
New setup  Troubleshoot

Android Samsung
New setup  Troubleshoot

New setup  Troubleshoot

New setup  Troubleshoot
Anatomy details on the iPad

New setup  Troubleshoot


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