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about salestronics


Salestronics entered the South African Internet and IT market in January of 1996, and with steady growth throughout the past 20 years find itself in a favourable market position with the services we provide to our clients.

We’ll continue to strive and aim to get the leading edge over our national competitors via total product and service support, and constantly identifying and satisfying customers' needs. Yet, to grow to the size of a corporate entity is not our goal as we seek to continue to serve that portion of the market where there's a demand for a more personal 1-on-1 interaction with the client.
Making our sales and support approach to each individual client unique as per that individual client's personality, financial ability and related needs specific to his circumstances.
On a technical level we love challenges and have often been labelled as "maverics" when we get involve in other people's IT and Internet related problems that's labelled as urgent. We often resolve them by means of a work around solution and then stand back again while their actual support guys resolve the problem in the correct manner which usually takes longer but at least the customer continue to have service.
This also means that we've grown use to working with technical people that can be labelled as our competition but due to mutual respect from both parties a rather enjoying technical experience result and both parties benefit.
Salestronics staff also have earned recognition for their ability to interface with Telkom, Vodacom, MTN and Cell-C on technical issues when a customer or the general public experience difficulty in doing so. In recent times this also started to include Neotel related technical assistance requests etc.
Lastly and worth mentioning is the fact that throughout our 20 years of trading as Salestronics that we've always made a special effort to get involve in the speedy resolution of IT and Internet related problems experienced by tourists visiting South Africa from abroad. This often include driving fairly long distances to reach them at the location that they are on tour or holiday but a positive outcome is a reward in itself for us. Meeting the individual and experience their satisfaction with our country and it's people's will to assist a complete stranger.  


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