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Note that 0215593883 will be answered between 09h00 and 16h30 Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.


in the news...


Die vinnigste Protea ooit!!!

In die 1950ís het drie motorentoesiaste bordkryt op motorhuisvloer gesit en Suid-Afrika se eerste produksie-renmotor ontwerp. Ernstige produksie van die Protea het in 1957 begin. Al die meganiese onderdele was nuut. Hulle het onderdele van Ford gekry, wat self geen sportmodelle gehad het nie en dus nie die Protea as mededinger gesien het nie.

Watch couple stealing drain cover

A couple were caught on a security camera stealing a drain cover from a business parking lot on Monument Road, Kempton Park on Sunday.

Open letter to Sars

I am totally disgusted at the way I was treated by you on Tuesday. I joined your line in Cape Town at 9.20am to do my tax return and what a fiasco. I eventually left your building at 3.45pm. You made me stand in line for over six hours. That is totally and utterly unacceptable and borders on abuse.

Do you even have a reasonable explanation? Why was I subjected to such vile treatment by your staff and why is everyone who works there so insolent and condescending?


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