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Please take note that 0215593883 will be answered between 09h00 & 16h30 Monday to Friday excl. public holidays.


in the news...


Backlash for banks over missing cash

The response of banks to allegations of card fraud and money being illegally withdrawn from clients' bank accounts has come under the spotlight after an article published in the Cape Argus last month.
The Cape Argus has since been inundated with similar complaints.

Smash Car Window to Find Lifelike Doll

Emergency crews smashed a car window to rescue "Baby" but find lifelike doll in car seat. Although this incident did not involve a baby or small child, as it was unknown at the time, first responders' number one priority was to ensure ... safety.

Laptop thief caught in under 2 minutes

Crime is a factor that many in South Africa have to contend with and they simply hope for the best when face it.

The perception is that itís almost a given that nothing will be done when you're the victim of crime and that your valuables will be lost forever. Many believe law enforcement reacts poorly and that security guards are utterly useless.

Hold that thought for a moment...


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